About Us


Fearless Fathers, LLC, is built on the foundation that being a Dad is the most rewarding job in the world.  Those who are brave enough to take on this awesome responsibility deserve a little love. We seek to provide our customers with fun and functional products to help them proudly display their Fatherhood.

In recent years, the number of fathers claiming to share an equitable role in the raising of a child has increased. Coupled with the growing number of same-sex couples adopting, today’s parenting landscape is drastically different than even a generation ago with more men actively engaged in being fathers. Yet despite this increase, the market for baby products is still heavily slanted towards mothers. As engaged fathers ourselves, these motivated men are the heart and soul of our target audience, which is reflected in our motto: “Gear for men brave enough to be Dads.”

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A message from Chris and Christine:

 C&C 2
We became parents in December of 2013, and have been through all the diaper woes! We experienced a few on-the-go parent fails, which led to us spending extra time and money pulling together supplies at the last minute (from expensive stores)…. just before it was too late! (if you’re a parent, you’ve been there too!)



A message from Josh and Amy:

Our first child arrived in May of 2016 and and we’ve been knee deep in the glories of diaper changes!  As we were shopping for our incoming bundle of love and evacuation, we didn’t find much fun or practical gear for Dads. Based on Josh’s years in the military, it made sense to develop a “baby hit bag”, i.e. an emergency kit that would cover us if there was ever a diapering disaster. Wanting something small, portable, and awesome, we partnered with a company that builds high-quality bags for the military. Thus the Fearless Father’s bag was born.